How do I remove Fish Oil from my chassis?

How do I remove Fish Oil from my chassis?

We are often asked “how do I remove fish oil from my vehicle” and the response is never simple. No amount of soap and water will remove that stuff.

Seems a lot of people have learned the hard way that fish oil and salt/sand don’t mix! Fish oil and lanolin sprays remain sticky for a very long period of time, which means sand and salt will stick to them. The last thing you want to do is have sand or salt stuck to your undercarriage!

Can fish oil be removed from your chassis? Yes it can, but there is no quick and easy way to go about it. It is going to take some elbow grease and a fair chunk of your time. Depending on how long it has been there, a few things you can try to make it easier to remove is Tea Tree, Wax and Grease Remover or White Spirits. You’ll need plenty of clean rags to wipe the fish oil away. Ensure you use the appropriate PPE such as eye protection.

So how do you protect your undercarriage from rust and corrosion, without have sand and salt stuck everywhere? The answer is Beach Barrier.

Beach Barrier works in a similar way to Fish Oil and Lanolin, without the sticky mess! It repels sand, salt, dirt and water from your undercarriage, while leaving a protective film to prevent rust and corrosion. It will last for minimum 2 weeks on the beach and up to 6 months on the road.

Beach Barrier Underbody Protection Spray

It is easy to apply, simply hose off any loose dirt, allow the undercarriage to dry, then spray Beach Barrier directly onto your chassis, diff, gearbox, suspension and all up in your wheel arches. Just ensure you don’t spray it onto your brakes for obvious reasons and avoid the exhaust if possible, as it will heat up and burn away. It is recommended to apply Beach Barrier 24-48 hours before driving on the beach, to allow time to bond.

Our 1L bottle of Beach Barrier is usually enough for 2 applications for a standard size 4wd, depending on how heavy you apply it.

Avoid the sticky and smelly mess, grab yourself some Beach Barrier before your next beach trip.

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