Celebrate Father's Day with Clean Offroad: The Perfect Gifts for Adventurous Dads

Celebrate Father's Day with Clean Offroad: The Perfect Gifts for Adventurous Dads

Father's Day is the perfect time to show our appreciation for the special fathers in our lives. While every dad deserves recognition, if your father is the adventurous type, we've got some great gift ideas for him, to make his day even more memorable.

In this blog post we explore some products that will make the perfect gift for the adventurous dads out there. Help Dad spend less time cleaning after any offroad adventure, so he can get back to the things he loves sooner (you!).

About Clean Offroad

Clean Offroad was born out of a passion for four wheel driving, camping and any off road adventure! We are dedicated to providing high-quality and sustainable equipment for cleaning any off road vehicle. With a commitment to the environment, our products are designed to withstand the toughest challenges while minimizing their impact on nature.


Underbody Cleaner

Underbody Cleaner

If your father loves 4wding, especially on the beach, this is a perfect gift for him. Connecting to his pressure washer, the Underbody Cleaner helps dad get to all those hard-to-reach areas, to give his 4wd a thorough clean and prevent rust and corrosion. No more crawling under his 4x4 for hours trying to clean. The Underbody Cleaner is a real time saver (that will save Dad’s back too!)

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Foam Cannon

Foam Cannon Snow foam

Thanks to the Foam Cannon's superior foaming capabilities, Dad will be able to cut down on car-washing time significantly. The foam's clinging action breaks down dirt and grime faster, reducing the need for scrubbing, saving time and effort. And who doesn’t love a good foam party? The foam cannon is a lot of fun to use and can be used on any vehicle, boat, trailer, bike or even the house. This will be the go to tool for Dads cleaning chores!

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Beach 2 Clean

Shift Salt with Beach 2 Clean

Beach 2 Clean pairs perfectly with the Foam Cannon, to deliver a thick, rich foam that breaks down salt, sand and mud from any vehicle! Dad will be the envy of his mates with the killer shine Beach 2 Clean leaves behind! Made in Australia and Environmentally friendly, this gift will be a winner!

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Beach Barrier

Shield your Chassis with Beach Barrier Underbody Protection

Beach Barrier is a game changer! 

Our innovative sealant creates an invisible shield, that repels saltwater, sand, and mud like magic, preventing rust and corrosion from the chassis of your 4wd, no matter how challenging the conditions may be. What does this mean for Dad? It means his 4wd underbody is protected before he hits the beach, preventing rust and corrosion. And because it repels sand and salt water, it helps make the clean up quick and easy after any offroad adventure!

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Massive Microfibre Towel

Rapid dry with the Large Microfibre Towel

Cut drying time in half with the massive microfibre towel, as part of the Wash Mitt and Towel Kit. Give dads 4wd a lint and streak free shine in just a matter of minutes. Because the towel is so big (160x60cm) and absorbent, it means he doesn’t have to waste time and energy wringing out the towel. The kit also comes with a finishing towel, great for cleaning glass!

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Gift Voucher

Clean Offroad Gift Card

If you have a Dad that loves adventure, but still can't decide on what he would like (or needs), a Gift Voucher is the perfect solution. Available in amounts from $50 - $200, you can almost guarantee that Dad will find something he likes. Gift cards are delivered to your email inbox straight away. So if you need a last minute gift for him, Clean Offroad has you covered!

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So if you are looking for the perfect gift for Dad, whether it be his Birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day, these top notch products by Clean Offroad will not disappoint. Get him a present that will save him time on the post adventure clean up, so he can spend more time doing things he really loves.

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