Best way to remove red dirt

Best way to remove red dirt

Anyone who knows, knows it gets everywhere! So what is the best way to remove red dirt? 

Whether you are crossing the Nullarbor, tackling Cape York or just been on a trip to the outback, you don't have to dread the clean up once you get home. 

It pays to be prepared! We all know red dirt is renowned for getting in everywhere, and a then a little more as well. There is a couple ways you can prepare your vehicle before you set off on a trip. 

Beach 2 Clean and Foam Cannon

1. Clean the vehicle before you go. Sounds crazy right? Why would anyone clean a vehicle that is only going to get dirty? The answer is simple. Dirt sticks to dirt. If your vehicle is already dirty, you are only going to attract more dirt. Washing your vehicle with a wash & wax before you set off, will leave a protective film on your paint. Our pH Neutral 4wd wash, Beach 2 Clean has a natural carnauba wax which will leave a nice protective layer on your paint. Whilst it won't prevent the dirt from sticking, it'll make it come off a lot easier once you get home! 

Beach barrier Underbody Protection Spray

2. Don't forget about the underbody. After all, this is where the red dirt sticks the most! Just like on the paint, dirt sticks to dirt. So it pays to give the undercarriage a clean before you leave, to remove any dirt or grime (we recommend using the Underbody Cleaner to get to all those hard to reach areas). Once clean, apply a coating of Beach Barrier. Don't let the name fool you, whilst this product has been designed to repel salt, sand and water, it also repels dirt and mud! Not only will it repel dirt, but it also seals and protects to avoid dirt getting into those unwanted areas. With a layer of protection, it'll make the clean up process a whole lot easier! 

Now you are prepared, its time to pack up and head off on your adventure! Once home, you don't have to dread the clean up process. 

No Bulldust is a 4wd Super Wash, which has been designed to tackle red dirt and mud. It is a heavy duty wash that is safe to use on all surfaces, so it can be used all over your vehicle. Use a mix ratio of 25:1 for the paint work and 5:1 for the engine bay and undercarriage. 

No BulldustEnsure you are parked in a cool shaded area. This will allow to leave No Bulldust Super Wash on your vehicle longer, allowing it to do its job in tackling that red dirt. For best result, apply the product using a foam cannon and let the detergent sit for at least 60 seconds (not allowing to dry). It is recommended to apply to small sections of the vehicle at a time. For best results, rinse with a pressure washer and watch that red dirt drip right off. Depending on how long the dirt has been there, repeat the process as needed or use a sponge to agitate the product. 

For the undercarriage, simply use a Foam cannon to apply No Bulldust, then rinse with the Underbody Cleaner. As you can make the mix ratio a lot stronger for the undercarriage, this should need to be agitated. 

Cleaning red dirt can be a nightmare. But with some good preparation and using good quality products to clean up, you can turn that nightmare into a breeze! 

Head to to grab your essentials before your next adventure!

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