Foam Gun with garden hose connection by Clean Offroad

6 reasons to stop using a bucket and soap

For many years it has been a weekend tradition to get the bucket and soap out to your your vehicle.

These days there is a much quicker and easier way! Using a foam gun when cleaning your vehicle has several benefits:

  1. Lifts dirt and grime: A foam gun allows you to apply a thick lather of foam to your vehicle, which clings to the surface and helps to lift dirt and grime more effectively than using just a bucket of water and a sponge.

  2. Adjustable foam and pressure: The Clean Offroad Foam Gun has 5 adjustable settings, which allows you to control the amount of foam and water ratio, ensuring a precise and thorough clean every time.

  3. Saving time and water: Using a foam gun can save both time and water when washing your vehicle. The foam clings to the surface, which means you don't have to keep rinsing the sponge or mitt, and the foam is also able to lift dirt and grime more effectively with less water.

  4. Connects straight to your garden hose: There is 2 different types of Foam Guns currently on the market. Those that connect to your pressure washer and those that connect to your garden hose. The garden hose option is convenient and saves you going to the effort of setting up a pressure cleaner or mixing soap into a bucket.

  5. Safe for different surfaces: When paired with a good quality car wash, a foam gun is safe to use on all surfaces of your vehicle, including paint, glass, chrome, and plastic, and can be used on various vehicles, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, and boats.

  6. Versatile: A foam gun can be used for various cleaning tasks, not only for washing vehicles but also for cleaning the exterior of your home, patio furniture, and many other surfaces.

In summary, a foam gun is a great tool to have when cleaning your vehicle because it allows you to apply a thick lather of foam that effectively lifts salt, dirt and grime. With adjustable ratio settings, it saves you water and time and is easy to use. 

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